About Us

The University of Illinois Cancer Center is a science-first research institution that gives every patient with cancer equal access to world-class treatment.

More than 230 Cancer Center member physicians and scientists are dedicated to ending disparities in cancer care and no patient is ever turned away. We connect people with the resources they need to understand their cancer risk, detect it early and get comprehensive treatment. Our patients can receive promising cancer therapies before they are widely available, closing the gap between underserved communities and access to better treatments.

Our researchers are unlocking the mysteries of cancer by integrating genetics, biology and public health information to identify factors that influence the frequency and severity of disease. This collaborative effort extends deep into the patient population, helping create health equity in our communities. 


Who We Serve

The University of Illinois Cancer Center serves patients across Cook County, including the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

We work in the communities we serve to prevent cancer, discover effective treatments for patients and create new understanding about the disease. The diversity of our patients improves scientific understanding of how biology and societal factors contribute to an unequal cancer burden.

Cook County is home to more than 40% of the state’s population and has been designated by the federal government a Medically Underserved Area (MUA).

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