Trainee Membership Program

The Trainee Membership program allows students, trainees, and fellows to experience membership at the University of Illinois Cancer Center (Cancer Center). 


The program’s objective is to provide access to training and education resources essential for students in the health sciences to enhance their careers in becoming leaders in cancer-related research and health care professions. The program provides:

  • Learning opportunities such as educational workshops, seminars, and activities
  • Environment to engage with cancer research experts and the Cancer Center community 
  • Awards for travel, project funding, and milestone recognition
  • Development support, e.g., grant applications preparation and career development consultations
  • Experiences in cancer research pipeline programs (e.g., training and summer programs)
  • Resources available through the Cancer Center Shared Resources and partnerships


Membership is open to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, postdoctoral, and clinical fellows who are currently engaged in — or have previously engaged in — cancer-related research at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Membership categories

  • Trainee Associate Member – High school to postdoctoral or clinical fellows 
  • Trainee Emeritus Member – Early career faculty or other careers

Enrollment and Expectation

Trainees who meet the eligibility criteria can complete the online form. Trainee members will complete an initial survey once enrolled and an annual follow-up survey. We ask that trainee members keep their contact information current at Cancer Center as they progress through their careers. 


Trainee members will receive the weekly Cancer Center newsletter and a monthly Education and Training Hub newsletter to gain firsthand knowledge of cancer research announcements. Trainee members will be part of the Cancer Center online community to highlight and recognize progress and accolades throughout their careers. We will periodically contact trainee members for updates on new accomplishments, honors, and awards to feature them in Cancer Center publications and social media. Trainee members have access to special trainee awards, internships, paid employment at our summer education programs, and invitations to Cancer Center events. The program creates career development opportunities such as presentations and career talks during the summer program and Cancer Center-sponsored events. The program fosters a multidisciplinary environment for trainees to collaborate with other trainees and cancer experts to broaden their network and research interests. 

Exclusive access to:

  • Cancer Center newsletters and announcements
  • Presentation opportunities at retreats and symposia (e.g., Dr. Gary Kruh and Dr. Tapas Gupta Research Symposia)
  • Travel awards to attend mentor-selected conferences
  • Funding opportunity announcements such as seed and small project grants 
  • Grant preparation support
  • Career development and mentor-making consultation
  • Paid positions, internships, and peer mentoring opportunities in the Cancer Center summer programs

Summer Programs include:



Cancer Health Equity Summer Scholars (CHESS)

Exclusive invitation to attend Cancer Center events:

  • Scientific symposia, retreats, workgroup meetings
  • Network events with Cancer Center Community and Ask the Cancer Expert (ACE) Sessions with distinguished event speakers
  • Grand Rounds and Journal Clubs
  • Community engagement opportunities
  • Skill-building workshops and webinars 
    • Biostatistics
    • Grant preparation 
    • Professional skills development 


To learn more or have questions, contact the University of Illinois Cancer Center, Cancer Research Career Enhancement and Education (CRCEE)


Phone: 312-355-5007

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