Hongjin Li, PhD

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Assistant Professor

Department of Department of Women and Children and Family Health Science

College of Nursing

Research Program

Cancer Prevention And Control (CPC)

Phone: (573) 933-5413

Email: hongjin@uic.edu

Dr. Li earned her BSN from the University of Missouri-St, Louis, her MS in Biostatistics from Columbia University, and a PhD in nursing from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Li specializes in the use omics tools (i.e., genomics, metabolomics) to better understand psychoneurological symptoms experience by breast cancer survivors and the effect of complementary and integrative therapies (i.e., acupuncture) for breast cancer survivors’ treatment-related symptoms. She has been funded through the American Cancer Society, Sigma Theta Tau International research award, and the Heilbrunn research award from Rockefeller University. She is a member of the Midwest Nursing Research Society, Oncology Nursing Society, and Sigma Theta Tau International

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Research Keywords

Breast Cancer; Psychoneurological Symptoms; Acupuncture; Symptom Management; Metabolomics; Treatment-related Symptoms; Survivorship; Health Disparity

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