Tohru Yamada, PhD

Title & Department

Associate Professor

Department of Department of Surgery

College of Medicine

Research Program

Translational Oncology Program (TO)

Phone: 312-413-1156


My area of research interest and expertise is the discovery and development of new class of peptide-based carriers and anticancer agents for therapeutic and imaging agents targeting cancers in the basis of molecular biology, protein/peptide chemistry, cell biology and basic and translational cancer biology.

I have been actively involved in developing novel anionic amphipathic cell penetrating peptide, p28 identified from a copper-containing redox protein azurin secreted by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Clinically, we have completed a Phase I clinical trial of p28 as an anti-cancer agent on adult advanced solid tumors, and also completed another Phase Ia,b clinical trial on pediatric CNS tumors supported by NCI and PBTC (The Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium).

Over past 15 years, I have gained considerable experience working with cupredoxins/ azurin/ p28. As a PI and Co-I on several research grants, I have expertise and leadership to manage and collaborate/communicate among team members to effectively and sufficiently carry out the proposed research project.

His research is focused on brain tumors, molecular biology, protein/peptide chemistry, cell biology, as well as, basic and translational cancer biology.


PhD, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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