Yang Dai, PhD

Title & Department

Associate Professor

Department of Department of Bioengineering-Engineering

College of Engineering

Research Program

Cancer Biology (CB)

Phone: 312-413-1487

Email: yangdai@uic.edu

Trained in applied mathematics, Dr. Dai has more than 15 years’ experience in methodology development in bioinformatics using approaches of machine learning (including deep learning) and statistical modeling. Dr. Dai has substantial expertise in integrating omics data for disease prediction and inferring regulatory mechanisms.


PhD, Tsukuba University

Disease Focus

Breast; Gastrointestinal; Lung; Skin; Pancreatic; Ovarian; Other Gyn Cancers

Research Keywords

Cancer; Obesity; Diabetes; Computational Biology; Tumor Microenvironment; Omics; Deep Learning; Machine Learning

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