Yuka Asada, PhD

Title & Department

Research Program

Cancer Prevention And Control (CPC)

Phone: 312-401-2171

Email: yasada2@uic.edu

Dr. Yuka Asada is a Research Scientist in the Institute for Health Research and Policy (IHRP) at the School of Public Health, University of Illinois Chicago. She was trained as a Clinical Registered Dietitian and now focuses on public health and nutrition policy, with a focus on the implementation of chronic-disease related policies. Dr. Asada is an expert in qualitative research methods and has published peer-reviewed studies, stakeholder-focused briefs, and other resources in topics related to: school wellness and nutrition, rural school nutrition policy, and sugar-sweetened beverage policies.

Research Keywords

Chronic Disease Prevention; Nutrition Policy; Early Childcare Policy; Qualitative Methods; Implementation Science; Environmental Change; Health Policy

Published Research

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