You Beat Cancer: Now What?

you beat cancer now what

The end of cancer treatment is a new chapter in your life — one full of hope, excitement, and happiness. Surviving cancer is a major transition, and despite feelings of relief, you may also find yourself experiencing new changes, worries, and fears. 

Just as each type of cancer is unique, the way that you cope with this transition is also highly personal. There are millions of people living in the US who have gotten through cancer, and no two people will navigate this time period exactly the same. 

However, there are common concerns that you may encounter as you move forward as a survivor. 

Will My Cancer Come Back?

What Kind of Follow-Up Care Will I Need?

How Can I Maintain an Overall Healthy Lifestyle?

How Can I Care For My Mental and Emotional Well-Being?

Survivorship Support Services at University of Illinois Cancer Center

Wellness House at UI Health Mile Square

Cancer Survivorship Program

Young and A Survivor (YAAS!)

How Can I Help Other Patients Who Are Going Through Cancer Treatment?

Beating cancer is a major milestone — one that can be shared with your family, friends, and healthcare team. It can also be a valuable experience to share with others who are going through cancer, as you are able to offer support as well as hope. 

There are many opportunities at UI Health Cancer Center to help others with cancer, such as: 

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