Rapid Cancer Health Equity Pilot Grants for Postdoctoral Fellows and Early Career Faculty

Deadline: Stay Tuned

The Illinois Cancer Health Equity Research (I-CHER) Center is committed to mobilizing and elevating diverse investigators at UIC. The I-CHER Center Investigator Development Core (IDC) is excited to announce its second call for pilot project applications. The 2023 I-CHER Pilot Program will fund research projects that represent equitable solutions that tackle social and structural determinants of cancer health

  1. Eligible applicants for this round include racial/ethnic minorities that are either postdoctoral fellows or faculty members within 12 years of their terminal degree. 
  2. This call is specifically designed for laboratory-based, translational, and population-based studies that have clear implications for sustainable solutions for cancer health equity in the future. Ideally, projects will produce pilot data for outstanding grant applications in the future (e.g., ACS research scholar grants; NIH K series, and R series grants). 
  3. Consultation is available prior to the application deadline for:
    • Biostatistics support and planning contact Nelson Chen, PhD, at znchen@uic.edu
    • Review and alignment of the proposed project with Cancer Center catchment area priorities and needs contact Margaret Wright, PhD, at mewright@uic.edu
    • Matchmaking and consultation with currently funded I-CHER project teams contact Aileen Shen, MPH, at ashen@uic.edu
    • Administrative review of the application to ensure it will not be rejected contact Aileen Shen, MPH, at ashen@uic.edu

I-CHER Informational Webinar

Interested postdoctoral fellows and early career faculty are strongly encouraged to register for our webinar to discuss this funding opportunity.

The webinar will be held on October 25, 2022, from noon –1 p.m.

On or before November 4, 2022, please submit one PDF document to Aileen Shen, MPH (ashen@uic.edu) that includes the following components, within page limits: 

  1. Specific aims (1 page)
  2. Rationale, hypothesis, and research plan (2 pages inclusive of figures and references)
  3. A brief description of how this project will help support a future career development or research grant (1/2 page)
  4. A brief budget (please note that indirect costs are NOT allowed) (1/2 page)
  5. NIH biosketches for all key personnel

All applications will be reviewed, and feedback will be provided. Two projects will be funded at $30,000 each during this round. The duration of awards will be 1 year. Selected projects will be funded immediately upon approval by the PRC and IRB.


Marian Fitzgibbon, PhD and V.K. Gadi, MD, PhD
Co-leads, I-CHER Investigator Development Core 

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