Cancer Research Programs

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Research Programs at University of Illinois Cancer Center

Our researchers and physician-scientists conduct lab, translational, clinical, and population sciences research that is organized under three research programs:

Cancer Prevention and Control

Cancer Biology

Translational Oncology

Science That Serves Our Communities

At the University of Illinois Cancer Center, we listen to the people in our community, and let their needs shape our research priorities and activities. By listening to their voices, we have unique opportunities to directly impact cancer patients and improve outcomes for the communities we serve.

At a Glance: Research at the University of Illinois Cancer Center

  • More than 115 full members
  • 90 associate members
  • 3 research programs
  • 1 goal: Exploring and understanding the totality of intersecting issues that trigger cancer – biology, race, ethnicity, gender, age, environment, lifestyle, geography, and socioeconomic status – in order to discover and individualize approaches to better prevent and treat cancer and ensure long-term wellness after cancer

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To learn more about clinical trials, contact the Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office:


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