Working Groups and Think Tanks

The University of Illinois Cancer Center Working Groups are charged with fostering collaboration and providing the scientific and clinical expertise to address a site-specific cancer topic or another cancer research discipline. These groups provide Cancer Center members opportunities to discuss specific problems and priorities, which can lead to novel approaches to cancer prevention or treatment.

Breast Cancer Working Group (BCWG) and BCWG Tissue Microarray (TMA)

Cancer Metabolism Working Group (CMWG)

Lung Cancer Working Group (LCWG)

Tumor Microenvironment (TME) Working Group

The Cancer Bioinformatics Working Group (CBWG)

Ultimately, the goal is to catalyze new multi-investigator, multidisciplinary preclinical, and clinical translational research. Attendees include Cancer Center members, other faculty experts interested in cancer research, resident physicians, and fellows. For more information or to initiate a new group, please contact Farah Mirza.

In addition to Working Groups, the Cancer Center also supports Think Tanks. Think Tanks represent groups that come together to evaluate expertise and determine future direction in an area of interest. As a Think Tank becomes organized and focused, it is transitioned into a more formal Working Group with defined goals and expectations.

Cervical Cancer Think Tank

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