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The University of Illinois Cancer Center partially or fully supports a number of institutional shared resources that provide its members access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, methodology, and expertise that are essential to understanding the biology and clinical manifestations of cancer. 

Shared facilities and resources allow the Cancer Center to support its mission to foster basic, clinical, and translational research and ultimately reduce the burden of cancer on our community.

The following facilities and resources are supported by the University of Illinois Cancer Center and accessible to all Cancer Center members.

Biostatistics Shared Resource Core (BSR)

In February 2020, the Biostatistics Shared Resource Core (BSR) of University of Illinois Cancer Center was established under the direction of Zhengjia (Nelson) Chen, PhD. BSR is composed of a group of experienced faculty and dedicated staff whose mission is to provide outstanding statistical and analytic support of University of Illinois Cancer Center research projects across its three research programs (Cancer Biology, Translational Oncology, and Cancer Prevention & Control).

BSR provides University of Illinois Cancer Center members comprehensive biostatistical services and fosters collaborations in a way that maximizes research impact.

Translational Pathology Shared Resource (TPSR)

Translational Pathology Shared Resource (TP) offers a wide array of research pathology services, including processing animal and human tissue samples, slide preparation, basic and complex staining, laser capture microdissection, a tissue microarray design/build service, pathologist consultation, and digital microscopy. An emerging In Vitro Cancer Model service offers specialized support for patient-derived organoids and xenografts. TP is under the direction of Peter Gann, MD, ScD, University of Illinois Cancer Center member and professor of pathology, and Assistant Director Maria Sverdlov, PhD.

Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (FCSR)

Provides a wide array of resources and services for spectral and traditional flow cytometry, mass cytometry, cell sorting and extracellular particle studies.

Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (FCSR), led by Balaji Ganesh, PhD, is the center of flow cytometry activity in the Illinois Medical District, facilitating inter-campus collaborative research among biomedical investigators from Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Rush University, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, and the John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County.

Cancer Genomics Shared Resource (CGSR)

Cancer Genomics (CGSR) Shared Resource provides University of Illinois Cancer Center members with the ability to interpret the role of the genome in cancer. The purpose of the CGSR is to provide the Cancer Center investigators with a means of characterizing the effects of mutagenic events and efficiently conduct highly mechanistic examinations of cancer genetics. CGSR provides a high level of technical expertise and hands-on training in RNA and DNA sequencing and gene editing, educational efforts, and free consultations for University of Illinois Cancer Center members.

Cancer Bioinformatics Shared Resource (CBSR)

Provides a wide array of bioinformatics data analysis services focusing on high-throughput omics data, network modeling of gene functions, and data mining using public data repositories.

Additional Resources

Breast Cancer Working Group (BCWG) Tissue Microarray (TMA)

The University of Illinois Cancer Center Breast Cancer Working Group (BCWG), in collaboration with the University of Illinois Biorepository (UIB) and the UI Health Department of Pathology, is offering qualified investigators access to sections from tissue microarray (TMA) for breast cancer research.

Publication Acknowledgment Policy

Any University of Illinois Cancer Center shared resource that contributed to a publication, poster, or presentation must be acknowledged. The following language is suggested:

The authors wish to acknowledge the University of Illinois Cancer Center (insert name) Shared Resource for supporting this research.

Core facility personnel who have made a significant intellectual contribution beyond routine services should be acknowledged as co-authors in any resulting publications.

Institutional Shared Resources

In addition, the UICC members also have access to all shared resources managed by the University’s Research Resource Center (RRC). To access any of the RRC Cores, please visit

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For more information or questions related to the University of Illinois Cancer Center shared resources, please email

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