Cancer Genomics Shared Resource (CGSR)

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The purpose of the Cancer Genomics Shared Resource (CGSR) is to provide University of Illinois Cancer Center (UICC) investigators with a means of characterizing the effects of mutagenic events and efficiently conduct highly mechanistic examinations of cancer genetics. To achieve these goals, the CGSR was established in 2018 to provide multidimensional analysis of mutagenic events and their effects on the genome. Services span analyses on the single cell, the multicellular tumor, patient, and the patient’s interaction with the environment.

Meet Our Team

The CGSR is supported by two full-time PhD-level scientists, four full-time master’s level scientists, and nine bachelor’s level and pre-degree level research specialists.

photo of Benevolenskaya-Elizaveta

Elizaveta Benevolenskaya, PhD
CGSR Director

Dr. Elizaveta Benevolenskaya is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics. Her research focuses on how histone demethylases and methyltransferases regulate gene expression in normal and cancer cells. Dr. Benevolenskaya has been engaged in cancer research since 1999 when she identified histone demethylase KDM5A/RBP2 as a critical protein interacting with the tumor suppressor pRB. This led her to an appreciation of the impact of epigenetic factors on the pRB control of the cell cycle and promotion to differentiation.

Kevin Kunstman, DNA Sequencing Manager

Kevin Kunstman is the Interim Director for the Research Resources Center at UIC. Kunstman has 30+ years of experience as a molecular biologist and molecular virologist, specializing in Next Generation sequence data acquisition and analysis. He is responsible for NGS DNA sequencing services, including consultations, study design, DNA library prep, sequencing, and data analyses.

Zarema Arbieva, PhD, RNA Analyses Manager

Zarema Arbieva, PhD has a broad background in biochemistry, molecular biology, and bioinformatics, and she has carried out molecular profiling studies of complex human diseases including hematological cancers, breast cancer, and melanoma. Arbieva advises on and manages all single-cell isolation and sequencing workflows, and gene expression analyses.

CGSR Major Services

The CGSR supports its users through consultation services, direct services, collaborative services, and continued education and training of investigators. The CGSR is available for consultation and sample drop-off and pick-up during normal business hours. A project management system called CrossLabs is used to manage unassisted instrument use, register projects, and track project progression.

Consultation Services

Direct Services

Education and Training

Equipment and Technologies 

The CGSR maintains equipment for basic and advanced genomic research in the following areas:

Individual Cell Analysis

Next Generation DNA Sequencing

Nucleic Acid Analysis

Nucleic Acid Preparation

Contact Us

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