Tumor Board Expands as Cancer Center Becomes Co-Sponsor

The University of Illinois Cancer Center is now a co-sponsor of the Hereditary Cancer Tumor Board, opening up attendance to researchers, clinicians and staff seeking information about cancer genetics. Previously, attendance was limited to UI Health physicians and medical professionals.

“Now that our tumor board has been solidly established for a year, with participation from key patient decision makers, we are expanding access to these meetings as an educational resource for a broader audience of UI Health and University of Illinois Cancer Center providers, learners, and staff interested in additional genetics education,” said Lara Balay, MS Ed., MS CGC, Senior Genetics Counselor, Hereditary Cancer Program, Department of Medicine – HEM/ONC, UI Health.

Created in March 2021 to provide multidisciplinary coordination and education on complex cancer genetics cases and issues, the board meets virtually twice a month – the first Friday at 3 p.m., and 3:30 p.m. on the third Thursday. The meetings are listed on the Cancer Center’s calendar and in its weekly events newsletter delivered on Monday morning.

Participants have included many health care specialists who work closely with the hematology/oncology genetics team, such as gynecology/oncology, hematology/oncology, neurology/oncology, gastrointestinal, endoscopy, lung, genitourinary, survivorship, dermatology and pediatric/oncology.

Topics discussed in prior meetings have included patient case reports such as “Diagnostic or not? Reclassification of CFTR related syndrome in a pancreatitis patient” and “FANCC-What to do with a pathogenic mutation for a patient in unclear gene.” Topics also reviewed are important to a patient’s psychosocial needs, such as “Serving Gender Diverse Persons in Cancer Genetics,” Balay said.

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